Sunday, August 3, 2008

Potential HOPE Center Documentary

Exciting news!

There's a good chance that we will be working with a Ghanaian filmmaker named Pascal Kpobi to create a short documentary about the HOPE Center and its impact on the health of the community of Ho. Another GlobeMed student named Rachel Berkowitz, currently working in Ghana on her own research project, met him during an interview and put him into contact with us. She has seen his work and says it looks really cool, so it seems like this will be a really great opportunity for us.

We're planning to meet Pascal when we first land in Ghana around 8:30 am, Ghana time, and hopefully we can agree on costs, filming schedule, logistics, etc. Over the next day and a half (mostly while en route), Nikita and I will be putting together ideas for the film, especially what types of content we want the film to contain, what the main points of the film should be, the structure, etc. If anyone has worked on short, non-profit promo/documentary films and has any input or ideas, they would be greatly appreciated!


Alex said...

Film everything digitally; it saves a lot of time in the long run when you want to edit things. Always take an extra battery and extra film when you go somewhere. Also, absolutely spend the money to invest in a good microphone.


jshaffer said...

Good point. This Pascal fellow is a professional filmmaker, so I'm assuming he has professional grade equipment. But, we'll see... haha.

I'll also be filming some stuff with a new toy that i just bought called the "Flip." Its basically just a really inexpensive, simple to use camcorder. I hope to use most of that footage for strictly internet applications.

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