Monday, August 18, 2008

Wli Falls

What an incredible weekend! I never cease to be amazed by Joseph's (our host's) friends and contacts. When he was having car trouble early Saturday morning, he called up his friend at the Ho police academy, and asked one of them to spare an SUV for the long dirt-road trek through Ho Hoe to Wli Falls. So, finally, up rolled a massive military outfitted Land Rover and a six foot five inch police officer to drive us and a group of Rotarians (more of Joseph's friends) from the UK to the renowned water falls!

On the way we stopped and visited many villages with projects that Joseph has catalyzed. Its really amazing to see the impact that he has had on so many communities surrounding Ho by building water bore holes and schools. We also stopped at a cocoa farm (Ghana is one of the world's top producers of cocoa) and tasted some of the fruit. It has an interesting flavor and tastes nothing like chocolate.
Unfortunately, I took some great video of our Jeep trip, hike to the falls, and the falls themselves, but for some reason my camera won't let me post them... Hopefully I can figure it out when I get back.

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