Monday, September 15, 2008

GlobeMed Leadership Institute: Crafting our Campaign

Here is Ankur describing how we should organize our fundraising campaigns in terms of staple on campus events, individual giving, and small businesses.

I really like the idea of diversifying our fundraising strategy at our chapters and moving away from relying solely on on-campus, one-time fundraisers that have little bearing on the actions of the rest of the chapter. The central idea of the Campaign is to brand all of the activities of the chapter - tying everything we do back the goals and objectives for our partner. I think that it will be hugely successful in helping us clearly communicate what we do.

This week will be really important as our chapter at Northwestern will be working on refining and clarifying our own goals and objectives with the HOPE Center, and then use them to brand our campaign for the HOPE Center. Stay tuned for more updates as we hammer out these details.


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