Friday, September 12, 2008

GlobeMed Leadership Institute: The First Day

Day one of the GlobeMed Leadership Institute was a great opportunity for us to meet many of the student leaders from the 16 chapters across the GlobeMed network. Each of these students are actively forging new partnerships focused on building the capacity for improved global health through through their partnership with grassroots health organizations around the world. It is always so fun and inspirational to get to meet and talk about global health with students who share my passion for these issues.

This evening was largely "getting-to-know-each-other" and talking about GlobeMed as an organization in broad terms. We got a great presentation from the young up and coming global health phenom, Peter Luckow.

Then GlobeMed's executive director, Victor Roy along with the chapter advisor, Ashley Hagaman, gave a nice presentation, GlobeMed Overview: Past, Present, and Future.

Finally, we worked in groups to deconstruct the work of a couple other student groups involved in global health work. We looked at their strengths, weaknesses, and how GlobeMed addresses those issues.

It was a great first day, and very productive. Stay tuned for more updates and video from the leadership institute!

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