Sunday, September 21, 2008

GlobeMed@NU Leadership Retreat Today!

I'm pumped for our first official GlobeMed at Northwestern event of the year! This afternoon everyone from our exec team will get together for several hours to talk through our chapter goals and develop concrete objectives to ensure that we reach our goals. The great thing about planning our chapter's school year in terms of goals and objectives is that our top-line chapter goal drives all of our activities. Everything that we do - from globalhealthU workshops to fundraising campaigns to on-site visits - is aimed at achieving our top-line goal.

Our chapter's fall quarter goal:
To diagnose and treat infectious disease through expanded diagnostic facilities for Ho and the surrounding communities.

Our concrete objectives will then logically flow from that goal. For example, our globalhealthU Objective is: to build understanding and generate critical discussion about infectious disease, especially in the context of rural Ghana.

Our fundraising Campaign also follows directly from our chapter goal. This quarter's campaign will be titled: The Path to Equity: Building an infectious Disease Pathology Lab in Ho, Ghana Our Campaign Objective is: To raise $10,000 to build and staff a pathology lab at the HOPE Center.

I'm excited to talk all of this over with our exec team, and use these high-level ideas of goals and objectives to drive a more specific programmatic discussion of our chapter's activities. Stay tuned as we plan the details of our quarter!

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