Friday, September 5, 2008

Haiti in Shambles

The situation is dire in Haiti after being directly hit from both Hurricane Gustav and tropical storm Hanna. Hundreds of people have been directly killed by the two storms and tens of thousands (over 100,000 by some estimates) have been displaced due to the flood waters. Most of the roads throughout the western hemisphere's poorest country are washed out, tying up food aid. As a result, this is the norm:

''I haven't eaten since Monday,'' 12-year-old Srita Omiscar said as she waited in line with about 50 others. (

Heres the news roundup:

NYT: Aid Can't Reach Haitian City After Hanna

Boston Globe: Hanna Leaves Behind Despair in Haiti

PIH: Hurricanes' One-Two Punch Inundate Haiti Donations Needed to Support Relief Efforts

Time: Haiti Gustav Food Impact

BBC Video

If you feel compelled to help, please check out the Partners in Health and Global Giving websites.

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